HPE Rolls Out Gaia-X-based solutions To Boost Data Value Creation

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has unveiled solutions that can help organizations advance data monetization by tapping into Gaia-X, an emerging federated data infrastructure project supported by more than 300 organizations in Europe and on a global level. Gaia-X’s HPE Solution Framework was created for businesses, managed service providers, and government agencies interested in preparing for Gaia-X.

It virtually supports all the capabilities that are needed to provide and consume data and services in a decentralized, federated environment. As a result of this, organizations will have the leverage of boosting their ability to create value from data, strengthen their sovereignty over their data-driven business model, and tap into huge distributed pools.

The framework works on reference architecture by taking advantage of key components of HPE’s software portfolio, Cloud28+ business platform, third-party software, and a marketplace for monetization of data and services.

HPE GreenLake cloud services also provide individual solution components and entire solution environments are available as a service. The HPE Roadmap Service for Gaia-X has also been announced by the company to help customers create a roadmap to access and benefit from Gaia-X.

Decentralized Data

Photo Johannes Koch, Senior Vice President, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, HPE
“Gaia-X is an answer to the key question of the next wave of digital transformation: How can we create network effects without centralizing all the data? This is perfectly in line with our company strategy which is focused on unlocking the value of data distributed across locations and clouds,” said Johannes Koch, Senior Vice President, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, HPE.

The European Commission has mentioned that data value creation is going to serve as one of the most important sources of social and economic progress in the next decades. 80% of all the data volume will get processed in a decentralized manner by the year 2025 and it would be driven by a ‘new wave’ of professional and industrial data.

As per the World Economic Forum, this lets organizations build value from data insights in the form of new revenue streams, better decisions, better customer experience, and new business models. For example, according to the estimates by McKinsey, monetization of connected-car data could deliver $250 billion to $400 billion in annual incremental value for players across the mobility ecosystem in 2030. The value of the European Union’s data economy is forecasted to triple between 2018 and 2025 and may reach a value of EUR 829 billion.

Digital Transformation

Senior Vice President at HPE, Germany, Switzerland, and Australia, Johannes Koch, said that Gaia-X is a solution to one of the biggest questions of the next wave of digital transformation which asks how to create network effects without centralizing all the data. He further replied by saying that this statement is perfectly aligned with HPE’s strategy that has the main goal of unlocking the value of data distributed across locations and clouds. He concluded by saying that Gaia-x is not going to execute work individually and a wide range of other capabilities are also required to take advantage of the platform. Gaia-X solutions are going to help people in making them know the procedure of monetizing data and putting it to work.


The HPE Roadmap service and the HPE Solution Framework for Gaia-X are currently available in Europe. Entire solution environments and individual solutions, components are available via HPE GreenLake cloud services. Gaia-X compliant connectors, interfaces will be available as soon as Gaia-X specifications are finalized.