HPE Unveils New AI-Native Architecture and Hybrid Cloud Solutions

HPE Discover 2023The next range of AI-native and hybrid cloud capabilities for machine learning development, data analytics, AI-optimized file storage, AI tuning and inferencing, and professional services was unveiled by HPE at HPE Discover Barcelona 2023. These solutions would allow companies to become AI-powered by combining HPE’s strength in supercomputing, hybrid cloud, and AI/ML software.

All of this is provided via an open, full-stack AI-native architecture that combines infrastructure and software carefully chosen to hasten the AI lifecycle. The latest products announced by Hewlett Packard Enterprise would lower IT barriers and provide full-stack AI-native solutions, allowing enterprises to efficiently train, fine-tune, and infer their AI models from edge to cloud.

At HPE Discover Barcelona 2023, the latest series of AI-native solution stacks to accelerate time to value announced by HPE include the following:

HPE and NVIDIA work together to provide a full-stack, enterprise-grade GenAI solution: A expanded strategic partnership between HPE and NVIDIA was announced to develop an enterprise computing solution for generative AI (GenAI). Enterprises of any size can rapidly modify foundation models using private data and deliver production applications anywhere, from the edge to the cloud, thanks to the co-engineered, pre-configured AI tuning and inferencing solution. The product uses a full-stack AI tuning and inferencing solution from HPE and NVIDIA to eliminate the difficulty of creating and implementing GenAI infrastructure.

HPE uses a new turnkey solution powered by NVIDIA to speed AI training: Large businesses, academic institutions, and governmental entities may use HPE’s new generative AI supercomputing solution to train and fine-tune models and create AI applications. By offering supercomputing hardware and the software tools to create quicker ML models and AI applications, the turnkey solution shortens the time to value and speeds up the training and tweaking of AI models utilizing proprietary data sets.

According to Manuvir Das, Vice President of Corporate Computing at NVIDIA, “Generative AI is inspiring enterprises to reinvent their businesses using their own data as the rocket fuel for transformation. We will assist businesses worldwide in utilizing NVIDIA software and full-stack, accelerated computing to maximize the potential of generative AI through our expanded partnership with HPE.”

For intensive AI applications, HPE GreenLake for File Storage boosts performance density and throughput: With its cloud operating expertise, HPE GreenLake for File Storage is an efficient all-flash unstructured data platform that can expand and adapt with clients’ large-scale AI workloads. Large language models (LLMs) and GenAI training and tuning will be accelerated by new features, which will also speed up data preparation and aggregation. Orders for the new NVIDIA Quantum-2 InfiniBand and support for 30TB NVMe SSDs for GPU-centric computing are now being accepted. The capacity density and throughput will grow seven times with the next upgrades, which should be ready in the early first half of 2024.

HPE Machine Learning Development Environment Software as a managed service on AWS and other cloud providers: HPE Machine Learning Development Environment Software is now available as a managed service with a complete, adaptable, cloud-managed experience for AI/ML model training.

  • Accelerate and securely implement GenAI initiatives in days with a flexible managed service that supports any stage of a company’s AI/ML journey
  • Reduce the complexity and operational overhead with an AI/ML model training managed service to accelerate the time to model development
  • Future-proof AI/ML model training infrastructure to help relieve management staffing and processing burdens
  • Increase AI adoption with new generative AI studio capabilities to rapidly prototype and test models

HPE Ezmeral Software provides a future-proof hybrid SaaS foundation for data, analytics and AI: New enhancements to HPE Ezmeral Software further simplify and accelerate enterprise data, analytics and AI with a comprehensive, end-to-end platform that seamlessly operates across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

  • Speed up time to insight across the entire analytics lifecycle with the power of a hybrid data lakehouse that is now GPU- and CPU-optimized and can manage, access and analyze data across any NFS- or S3-compliant solution
  • Enhanced model training and tuning in HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics Software via deep integration with HPE Machine Learning Development Environment Software
  • Optimize NVIDIA GPU allocations across workloads and users with GPU-aware capabilities in HPE Ezmeral Unified Analytics Software
  • Access expanded third-party integrations with Whylogs for model observability and Voltron Data for GPU-accelerated queries

Hybrid Cloud, Supercomputing, and AI

Antonio Neri, President and CEO of HPE, stated: “With the emergence of GenAI, enterprises are quickly realizing that the data and computational demands to run AI models effectively require a fundamentally different approach to technology. To enable an AI-powered transformation, HPE will expand its market-leading hybrid cloud, supercomputing, and AI capabilities to the enterprise. This will allow customers to securely develop AI models using their proprietary data. Organizations will be able to fully use the insights from their data to reinvent product creation, customer interaction, and overall utilize the full potential of GenAI to change their companies and industries with HPE’s AI-native and hybrid cloud solutions.”

Also available as an HPE GreenLake Flex Solution: The HPE GreenLake Flex Solution, which combines HPE GreenLake for File Storage with Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault software to safeguard AI models and data sources and OpsRamp software to offer visibility and automation throughout the AI lifecycle in multi-vendor, multi-cloud environments, is another option for the new enterprise computing solution for GenAI.

HPE Services to advance an enterprise’s journey to AI: A wide range of consulting services, workforce development programs, and deployment solutions are being offered by HPE Services. From GenAI and LLM discovery to implementation, the new AI services walk clients across every step of the process. They help them create the best operational models and hybrid cloud data strategies necessary to develop, execute, and scale solutions into game-changing results. With new Global Centers of Excellence for AI and Data currently operating in Spain, the US, Bulgaria, India, and Tunisia, these extensive services are supported.


In Q1CY24, the generative AI corporate computing solution will be available for purchase.

Updates to the HPE Ezmeral software, managed services for the HPE Machine Learning Development Environment software, and HPE Services for AI are all widely accessible.