Huawei, AlgoSec to Deliver Integrated Security Policy Management to Drive Network Agility

Huawei has announced a partnership with AlgoSec, a provider of business-driven security policy management solutions. Through this partnership, Huawei Security integrates its full range of firewall-related solutions with AlgoSec’s security policy management solution – to enable joint customers to streamline and automate security management operations, enhance visibility and improve security, compliance and business agility.

Huawei’s next generation firewall solution for the enterprise and data center is customized for large, medium and small enterprises. It would resolve issues about border security, data transmission security and user access security and discovers abnormal traffic, behaviors and identifies advanced threats before there is any business damage.

AlgoSec delivers an automated solution for managing complex policies across firewalls and related security infrastructure, to streamline security operations and change management, ensure continuous compliance, and deliver a tighter security policy that would offer better protection against cyber-attacks.

huawei cloudThrough this integration, AlgoSec displays Huawei firewalls, including subnets and zones on its interactive network topology map, “providing end-to-end visibility across the hybrid enterprise.” With the integrated solution, users can manage the entire security policy, including change management, network-visualization and traffic simulations, policy and risk analysis, auditing and compliance reporting.

The integrated Huawei and AlgoSec solution will be available in Q1 2017.


Additionally, AlgoSec provides real-time monitoring and alerting on changes to registered Huawei firewall rules to quickly uncover problems such as unauthorized or risky changes, and inefficient or unnecessary policies. AlgoSec can scale to support any large-scale heterogeneous distributed enterprise environment. In conjunction with Huawei’s “next generation” firewall, AlgoSec would be a critical component to ensure a customer’s network is compliant for auditing purposes.

“Huawei’s ever-expanding market share of firewall products around the globe has triggered an increasing need for firewall policy management,” said Liu Lizhu, Security Gateway General Manager of Switch and Enterprise Gateway Product Line, Huawei. “The worldwide cooperation with our technology partner AlgoSec enables Huawei to help customers manage their firewalls efficiently while reducing the cost of operations and maintenance, increasing customer satisfaction and greatly improving the competitiveness of Huawei’s next-generation firewall products and solutions.”

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