Huawei Announces Release of Its Agile WAN 2016 Solution

At HUAWEI CONNECT 2016, Huawei has announced the release of its Agile WAN 2016 Solution for the customers of enterprises. Using the cloud architecture to restructure WANs, Huawei’s Agile WAN Solution offers a series of solutions for Data Center Interconnections (DCI), integrated transport, IP hard pipes, and the all-optical campus.

These solutions would meet the new challenges of the cloud architecture in terms of bandwidth, latency, and efficiency for cloud connectivity, industrial-grade cloud pipes and cloud access networks. The restructuring of DC-centered agile WANs would enable all cloud services for the new ICT of enterprises.

As cloud services become more widely used, global data center traffic has seen explosive growth. It is estimated that data center traffic will reach 10.4 ZB (Zettabytes) by 2019, and Ovum RHK has indicated that 83% of worldwide network traffic will be through data centers.

huawei cloudThe deployment of WANs focused on cloud services also creates new challenges: first, low latency would be at the core of a good cloud service experience. In the financial industry, for example, a delay of only 1ms can cause losses of US$4 million. Second, low network utilization would result in excessive ICT construction costs and must therefore be avoided. Third, resources must be schedulable so that they can respond immediately to cloud services; this puts increased requirements on traffic bursts.

The Huawei Agile WAN 2016 Solution uses the cloud architecture to restructure WANs. The solution would create agile WANs that are simple and secured and while ensuring low latency. These WANs would overcome the three major bottlenecks of bandwidth, latency, and efficiency.

“The future world will be a fully connected world. Digital transformation will be applied to various industries and moving services to the cloud is the mainstream trend,” said Xingyun Zeng, chief marketing officer (CMO) for Huawei’s Fixed Network Product Line. “Network connections, as the basis for full connectivity and digital transformation, will be the key production resources to enterprises. The Huawei Agile WAN 2016 Solution focuses on building new ICT infrastructure through restructuring DC-centric WAN networks. Huawei is devoted to innovating with partners in an open ecosystem and providing better solutions for enterprises’ clients in the cloud era.”

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