‘HUAWEI CLOUD Market Share Grows Fast’

The global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) market share of HUAWEI CLOUD grew at the fastest rate of any provider, according to Gartner’s report ‘Market Share: IT Services, Worldwide 2019’. The 2019 overall revenue from the IaaS market grew by 222.2%.

According to the Gartner report, HUAWEI CLOUD is now ranked No.3 in China and No. 6 in the global market.

In the international market, HUAWEI CLOUD has launched cloud data centers in Singapore, Chile, Brazil, Mexico, and Peru, and is working with partners to serve customers worldwide, with 45 availability zones across 23 regions. Their public cloud services would help multinational companies and Chinese funded enterprises expand into the international market, while it would help foreign-funded enterprises break into the Chinese market.


Over 3 million enterprise users and developers are currently using HUAWEI CLOUD to develop products and solutions. In China, HUAWEI CLOUD has been serving sectors including public utilities, Internet, automotive, financial services, and genetics. Their customers include over 600 public institutions, 30 of the top 50 Internet companies, over 20 large automakers, and 14 genetics companies.

In the IaaS domain, HUAWEI CLOUD offers a series of ‘Kunpeng’ cloud services to provide diverse computing power for today’s diverse needs. The company released its Kunpeng Partner Development Program to provide training, technical, marketing, and sales support to help global partners achieve success. Partners can port applications to the Kunpeng platform and develop applications using Kunpeng cloud services.

HUAWEI CLOUD has also launched solutions like containerized hybrid cloud, high-performance containerized batch computing, BigData Pro, ultra-high-speed I/O cloud disks, and All-Connect enterprise-class cloud network solutions to accelerate cloud native transformation.

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Huawei Cloud


AI, Office Platforms

In the Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain, HUAWEI CLOUD has launched 43 Ascend-powered AI cloud services to unleash the “computing power” of the cloud, including ModelArts, an AI application development platform; and DAYU, a one-stop data development and operations platform. HUAWEI CLOUD has also launched the Industrial Intelligent Twins, Traffic Intelligent Twins, and City Intelligent Twins to accelerate the intelligent upgrade of various industries.

In the collaborative office domain, HUAWEI CLOUD released an intelligent work platform, WeLink, to connect teams, business, knowledge, and IoT platforms. WeLink is ideal for the digital upgrade of governments and enterprises. So far, this intelligent work platform has been widely used for remote office in tens of thousands of hospitals, medical institutions, schools, and enterprises in the financial services, energy, manufacturing, and transformation industries.

10,000 Channel/Consulting Partners

In 2019, HUAWEI CLOUD developed 10,000 consulting partners, which contributed over 60% of the total revenue from HUAWEI CLOUD. The company also established strategic partnerships with multiple top consulting companies and carriers and 2,000 technology partners worldwide.

Looking forward, HUAWEI CLOUD claims it will continue to leverage its full-stack capabilities in cloud, AI, and 5G to offer secured and sustainable public cloud services and hybrid cloud solutions. They say to be committed to empowering applications, exploring data value, and creating the fertile soil needed to cultivate an intelligent world. Working with global partners, they intend to help customers in a wide range of industries achieve digital transformation and intelligent upgrade.

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