Huawei Inks Global Data Center Development Contract With Keppel Data Centres And Others

HuaweiHuawei, who already signed a cooperation agreement on green data center technology development with Keppel Data Centres last year, has expanded its strategic data center development agreement with Keppel Data Centres as well as Chinese companies Xiangjiang Science & Technology and Cloud Engine. This strategic cooperation agreement will result in the development of new data centers worldwide.

Xiangjiang Science & Technology is a technology firm specializing in the development and manufacturing of data center equipment for leading multinational companies. Cloud Engine is a data center operator and cloud services systems integrator serving major telecommunications companies in China.

The four companies will tap one another’s expertise to develop, operate and maintain high-availability data centers in China and around the world by leveraging their respective core strengths. For example, Huawei Network Energy would provide a solid backing for this cooperation with advanced technologies such as network connection, energy efficiency improvement, and intelligent management.

At the same time, Huawei’s enterprise cloud offerings and expanding global data center footprint can potentially benefit from Keppel Data Centres established track record in providing custom data center solutions across Asia Pacific and Europe, while Xiangjiang can draw on its strengths in data center equipment and systems integration. The cooperation agreement would enable Cloud Engine to bring into full play its expertise in technology, capital and consulting.

Joint Promotion Efforts

“Huawei signed a cooperation agreement on green data centre technology development with Keppel Data Centres last year,” said Mr. Zhou Danjin, President of the Southern Pacific Region of Huawei Enterprise Business Group. “Together with our partners Keppel Data Centres, Cloud Engine, and Xiangjiang Technology, Huawei hopes to continue to help Keppel Data Centres to enhance the global data centre landscape, reduce operating expenditure, improve operational efficiency, and promote the common development of all parties through continuously innovative data centre solutions and global service networks.”

As “leading” solutions providers for different parts of the data center value chain from power and cooling equipment to server hardware, operational know-how and enterprise cloud solutions, the companies intend to jointly promote each other’s services when pursuing data center projects.

“Keppel Data Centres is pleased to support the data center growth requirements of international as well as local Chinese enterprises with this strategic collaboration,” said Mr. Wong Wai Meng, CEO of Keppel Data Centres. “As one of Huawei Cloud’s DC solutions provider of choice, we look forward to contributing to the collaboration with Keppel Data Centres‘ experience in providing robust and reliable data center solutions. Together with our partners, we can help businesses fully realize their digital potential.”

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