Huawei Introduces New HPC Servers at Supercomputing 2014

At Supercomputing 2014 (SC14), Huawei has announced U.S. availability of its newest HPC servers, FusionServer X6800 Data Center Server and a liquid cooled version of its FusionServer E9000 blade server. Huawei will also showcase other ICT innovations at SC14, including a standard 4U 4-socket rack server and a new-generation 2U dual-socket rack server.

huawei-serversThe Huawei FusionServer X6800 is a next-generation data center server optimized to support all business in one solution. This X6800 provides a broad portfolio of server nodes to flexibly meet elastic configuration requirements of differentiated services for computing, storage, and I/O resources. It would also support simplified system management and efficient operation and maintenance (O&M).

The Huawei X6800 server is ideal for various service applications such as – cloud computing, big data, and HPC applications – and is an optimal choice for the IT infrastructure of cloud hosting data centers.

Huawei Blade Server

Huawei’s latest version of its FusionServer E9000 blade server now comes with a heat dissipation design and fully redundant architecture that would ensure energy-efficiency and high reliability. The Huawei E9000’s hardware computing platform would improve competitiveness based on its availability, computing density, energy consumption, low emissions, midplane bandwidth, intelligent management and services, elastic configuration, flexible computing and storage expansion capabilities, low network latency, and acceleration functions.

At SC14, Huawei will also conduct demonstrations on its latest ICT innovations, including:

  • Huawei RH5885H V3 – a standard 4U 4-socket rack server that supports four Intel Xeon E7-4800 v2 processors. To meet the requirements of mission-critical applications such as databases, virtualization, BI, and HPC, the RH5885H V3 provides up to 60 computing cores and a memory capacity of up to 6 TB.
  • HUAWEI RH2288 V3 – a new-generation 2U dual-socket rack server that supports up to two Intel Xeon E5-2600 v3 processors. It provides flexible resource expansion capabilities as well as high computing performance. This server is an ideal choice for Internet, big data, cloud computing, HPC, and enterprise key applications.