Huawei has unveiled its “next generation” FusionServer Pro 2298 V5, a 2U 2-socket storage rack server with up to 450TB of storage capacity. Designed as a solution for low capacity and limited storage space, the product would be a good choice for organizations looking for a high density, high capacity storage solution in their data centers.

The FusionServer Pro 2298 V5 storage server is a new server running on the Cascade Lake Refresh Processor, the latest member of the Intel Xeon family of scalable processors. Additionally, the server supports Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory (DCPMM). The Cascade Lake Refresh processor offers a base frequency of up to 3.9 GHz with a Turbo Boost of 4.5 GHz – a new record for Intel’s Xeon product line. It supports more cores and offers higher hyperthreading processing capacities, delivering significant higher performance than its predecessors.

The FusionServer Pro 2298 V5 can accommodate 24 3.5-inch drives and 4 2.5-inch drives and 4 NVMe SSDs in 2U areas and offers up to 450 TB of storage capacity. It provides high density, performance and scalability for enterprise customers and helps you manage the mass data that comes with everyday services.

“Easy to maintain and operate,” this server would reduce high operating and maintenance costs. This storage server is designed for a wide range of scenarios, including distributed storage, software-defined storage, big data analysis, data backup, archiving, and data-intensive hot and cold storage. It would offer extensive and cost-effective storage capacity to enterprise customers in the Internet and carrier industries.

To sum up, Huawei’s FusionServer 2298 V5 would provide the following benefits:

  • Ultra-large storage – Supports multiple drive configurations and provides elastic storage capacity while meeting upgrade requirements for different levels of storage capacity. Supports SATA/SAS SSDs or PCIe NVMe SSDs as cache, which optimizes drive read/write performance.
  • High I/O expandability – Offers a wide range of network ports, including four PCIe 3.0 slots, two 10GE and two GE LOM ports, and an OCP 2.0 mezzanine card.
  • System acceleration – Supports two SATA M.2 SSDs for stand-alone OS installation and high-speed startup. The two M.2 SSDs offer performance options of 32, 64, 240 and 480 GB and support hot-swap and hardware RAID. All these features ensure the high reliability of the operating system.

The Huawei FusionServer 2298 V5 also features an intelligent power management design and uses power-mapping technology to help customers optimize deployment density. In addition, Huawei’s proprietary Dynamic Energy Management Technology (DEMT) automatically monitors resource usage based on workload and regulates minimum power based on resource utilization to ensure stable and reliable server performance. This would minimize server energy consumption without sacrificing performance, while reducing your operating expenses (OPEX).

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