HubStor Becomes a Member of the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance

HubStor, a provider of data-aware cloud storage for businesses needing to protect, manage, search, and recover unstructured data in a highly secure manner using public cloud infrastructure, has joined the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance program. The company also added new fully-automated and transparent consumption-based billing to its software-as-a-service solution that is exclusively available on Microsoft Azure.

As public cloud adoption in the enterprise expands, the vast amounts of inactive unstructured data sitting on expensive primary storage become a top nominee for the cloud. Instead of buying more hardware and managing a growing infrastructure, organizations would be able to reduce storage costs, defer spending on new storage, and enhance their data protection strategy with HubStor on the Azure cloud platform.

By making Azure Storage ‘data aware’ with search, analytics, and data management, enterprise clients would have an easier approach to meeting their requirements for compliance, discovery, and long-term data retention.

microsoft cloud“Clients often tell us that 70 percent of the unstructured data they keep on primary storage is rarely accessed,” said Geoff Bourgeois, CEO of HubStor. “They are looking to the cloud to archive and protect their older data more economically, but they also need an easy way to manage their data with the best possible security.”

In April, Microsoft introduced Azure Cool Storage, a lower cost cloud storage option for infrequently accessed data such as backups, media content, scientific data, compliance, and archival data.

HubStor includes a virtual cloud gateway that synchronizes data and access controls up to Azure from inside existing on-premises storage infrastructure. The HubStor service can optionally run under a client’s Azure account, with support for any level of Azure Storage redundancy at both hot and cool tiers. Identity management synchronizes with trusted authentication through Azure Active Directory (AD), with the ability to enable Azure AD’s single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA).

“Microsoft is investing to ensure that Azure storage is a great platform for both today’s market leaders as well as the new wave of cloud-first innovators,” said Jurgen Willis, group product manager, Azure Storage Team. “HubStor is a great example of innovative software-as-a-service built on Microsoft Azure for enterprises.”

Headquartered in Kanata, Ontario and currently serving clients in the United States, Europe, and Canada, HubStor is delivered exclusively on Microsoft Azure.