Huge Underground Colocation Facility in Norway to be Operational In August 2016

Lefdal Mine Datacenter has started the build out of what might become the largest colocation data center in Europe. The highly secured mountain hall colocation facility, a “green” data center off the west coast of Norway, will be built inside a former mine. Strategic partners in this project are Rittal and IBM, of which the latter will move in when the facility goes live to offer services to IBM clients. 

The data center construction process has started, while the facility will be operational in August 2016. At this point in time parts of the infrastructure will already be ready for 30 MW. Capacity will be built out in sections of 7.5 MW. Total investment in the first phase is about $25 Million.

lefdal-mine-datacentersAs a technology partner, IBM has supported Lefdal Mine Datacenter in developing the technical design and providing an independent quality assurance of the plans for the data center. IBM will also, as a tenant of Lefdal Mine Datacenter, offer clients Resiliency Services for Data and Server Protection from within the Lefdal Mine Datacenter once the facility goes live.

“Lefdal Mine Datacenter provides a strategic option for secure storage of large volumes of data and IT operations in an efficient and environmentally friendly way in Norway,” said Arne Norheim, Country General Manager in IBM Norway. “We think this solution will resonate well among both our Norwegian and international clients. The Lefdal Mine facility will provide a unique opportunity for clients looking to enhance levels of resiliency within their organization through the provision of an out of region recovery solution that is highly scalable and powered by 100% renewable and fully redundant energy sources.”

Tier 3

At Lefdal Mine Datacenter, customers do not have to worry about future space. The size of the facility and the access to high quantity of renewable power resources and cooling would ensure sufficient capacity for future growth.

lefdal-mine-datacenter-2Lefdal Mine Datacenter offers unique logistic conditions. Together with Rittal, Lefdal Mine Datacenter has developed a concept where it would only take 6-8 weeks to scale up large capacities. The primary solution will be containers “in racks” that can be hooked up to the facility infrastructure in a Tier 3 environment. Customers can also choose tailor-made white space solutions in underground, dedicated buildings.

Lefdal Mine Datacenter aims at the huge, demanding European market,” said Egil Skibenes, Chairman of the Board in Lefdal Mine Datacenter. “With it’s green profile and leading security features, Lefdal Mine Datacenter will contribute to the establishing of a new export industry in Norway. It is all about processing regional green power in an efficient mega class data center and partnerships with world leading companies like Rittal and IBM. Our business approach is certainly based on being a leading data center alternative in the Norwegian market as well.”

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