Hulk Hogan and Tech Assets to Launch Cloud Hosting Company, ‘Hostamania’

Hulk Hogan: “This is going to be huge, brother!”

Professional wrestler and entertainment icon Hulk Hogan has announced the upcoming launch of Hostamania. This new cloud hosting venture is a partnership between Hulk Hogan and Tech Assets, Inc., a web hosting provider firm that has provided its services for over 15 years.

The new hosting firm will leverage the well-known Hulk Hogan brand, along with a cloud hosting platform developed by Tech Assets, Inc. Tech Assets has offices in Columbus, Ohio; St. Petersburg, Fla.; and San Diego, Calif.

Domain name registration

Hostamania’s initial offering is expected to launch in late October 2013. In addition, Hostamania promises to offer domain name registration services at competitive rates, so that any small business or home user can establish a professional-looking site with a custom domain name.

“Making a website has never been easy, but with Hostamania, I’m getting back in the ring to make sure that anyone can set up a site,” said Hulk Hogan. “I didn’t get to be the world champion by settling for anything but the best, so I’m very excited to have a great staff and some amazing technology in my corner. This is going to be huge, brother!

As part of the Hostamania launch, the site will feature a video of Hulk Hogan, which was created by Daniel Jones of Salt Media Group in Tampa, Fla. When asked about the video, Hulk Hogan remarked: “I’m well known for being an over-the-top personality, in and out of the ring, but this new video is going to get your attention, brother! I love the result – it’s fun and people will definitely talk about it.”

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