Hybrid and Open Services with GCP, Envoy and Istio: A Talk with Google and Lyft (Next Rewind ’18)

What if you could deploy hybrid/multi-cloud services seamlessly without having to build or operate the requisite services management infrastructure? What building blocks are available today and what does the road ahead look like? We bring together folks from Google Cloud and Lyft to answer these questions. Google/Google Cloud have decade plus experience in delivering production-grade services like Borg, Cloud Load Balancing, Kubernetes Engine and more recently driving Istio, a fast-growing open source platform for managing (micro)services. Lyft developed and open sourced Envoy, a high performance proxy aiming to make the network transparent to applications, and transformed its own monolithic app into a sophisticated Envoy-based “”service mesh””. In this talk-cum-panel, Google and Lyft bring together unique perspectives on multi-cloud services management and also provide a sneak peek into Google Cloud’s new traffic management service for Envoy-powered (micro)services.

Original talk by Prajakta Joshi, Matt Klein, and Anna Berenberg
Rewind by Stephanie Wong

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Duration: 3:23
Publisher: Google Cloud
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