Hybrid Cloud Architecture Part 1: Connectivity

In this first part of our series on hybrid cloud architecture, Sai Vennam is going to take a look at Connectivity.

He’ll explain how you can connect your various cloud environments in the overall hybrid cloud. How do you connect private cloud and public cloud environments? How does a service mesh work to allow your applications and microservices to work together as a single unit? What kind of integration tools will make it easier to connect with your services and other third-party services?

Using the example of a sample application called Stock Trader, Sai breaks down the essentials of how to stay connected throughout your hybrid cloud architecture.

To learn more about the basics of hybrid cloud, please watch another video from Sai, “Hybrid Cloud Explained”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kGFBBy3Lyg—and check out the IBM Cloud Blog for more resources: www.ibm.com/blogs/bluemix/2018/12/hybrid-cloud-explained/

Duration: 13:19
Publisher: IBMcloud
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