Hybrid cloud vs. multi-cloud – Eyes on Enterprise

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What really makes up hybrid or multi-cloud infrastructure? In this episode of Eyes on Enterprise, Stephanie Wong talks with Sam Stoelinga – Hybrid Cloud Specialist – to dispel myths around hybrid and multi-cloud, and cover topics like workload portability and migration tools. You’ll hear about Anthos, Kubernetes, and application deployment toolchains that help you create portable workloads, integrate monolithic applications, and migrate existing VMs to the cloud for a more reliable and scalable hybrid architecture.

Time Markers:
Defining hybrid & multi-cloud→ 0:39
Misconceptions about hybrid cloud→ 2:45
Deciding on a multi-cloud strategy→ 5:50
Creating portable apps & flexible toolchains→ 8:53
Migrating VMs to the cloud→ 11:22
Portability with containers→ 13:05
Takeaways→ 15:51

Hybrid and Multi-cloud patterns and practices → https://goo.gle/2zERCBD
Hybrid and Multi-cloud monitoring and logging patterns → https://goo.gle/3f3J4oe
Anthos→ https://goo.gle/2A8tCHr
Migrate for Compute Engine→ https://goo.gle/3fswLSf
Migrate for Anthos→ https://goo.gle/2L4Z4s9

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Product: Anthos GKE, Cloud Run; fullname: Stephanie Wong, Sam Stoelinga;

Duration: 00:17:07
Publisher: Google Cloud
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