Hybrid Hosting Solutions Provider, ScaleMatrix, Utilizes NexentaStor to Improve its Cloud Operations

ScaleMatrix, a hybrid hosting solutions provider delivering an array of cloud hosting, colocation and managed services, has announced the utilization of NexentaStor to improve its cloud hosting efficiency. With Nexenta, ScaleMatrix estimates its savings over more traditional storage services in the millions of dollars.

ScaleMatrix offers its customers a mix of colocation and managed services, plus a cloud hosting portfolio that includes public, private, and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting. Since 2011, ScaleMatrix has served its clients – from small startups to Fortune 500 businesses – by architecting, deploying, and managing complete hybrid solutions from their U.S. data centers.

nexenta-storageScaleMatrix has evaluated all of the major players in the storage industry during an extensive review process, looking for the platform that could offer the greatest performance, flexibility, scalability, and cost effectiveness. 

“We started small with a couple hundred terabytes on Nexenta, but now we have almost two petabytes, and we plan on doubling that each year,” added Mr. Orlando. “Nexenta scales easily while keeping manageability incredibly easy. If we had to scale up by tying together huge arrays, we’d be struggling. Nexenta helps us avoid that completely.”

“Our clients have demonstrated an ever increasing need for storage performance, and they rely on us to deliver those services in a cost-effective manner,” said Chris Orlando, Co-Founder of ScaleMatrix. “They want to know that they can see performance benefits end-to-end over the entire stack. Nexenta plays a key role to helping us deliver both competitive and cost-effective services for our clients. We’ve been able to deliver more IOP per dollar with Nexenta than we could with any other platform.”

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