ZT Systems, a provider of purpose-built compute and storage solutions for hyperscale data centers, has announced a new server solution based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus “next generation” cloud hardware design.

The company’s ZT Systems XPO200 Server Evaluation Kit includes a 1U server. This unit is designed to enable customer experimentation with Microsoft‘s Project Olympus platform and validation against specific workloads prior to scale-out deployment. With ZT Systems XPO200 Server Solutions, compute and storage managers would benefit from ZT’s experience deploying solutions based on open compute designs into real-world hyperscale data center environments.

“As Microsoft’s Project Olympus specification has become the de facto open source cloud hardware design for the next generation of scale computing, the industry is turning to solution providers like ZT Systems with engineering capability, supply chain expertise and consistent execution,” said Kushagra Vaid, General Manager, Azure Hardware Infrastructure, Microsoft. “ZT Systems has a proven capacity to move quickly to deliver solutions that drive efficiency in customer data centers.”

Global Manufacturing

ZT Systems is a longtime member of the Open Compute Foundation and an Open Compute Solution provider. A pioneer of the “vanity-free” design approach made familiar by the OCP, ZT engineers solutions that dispense with non-essential functionality and cosmetic elements. As a design collaborator with leading cloud and Internet infrastructure providers, ZT Systems would have the ability to deliver open compute solutions at scale.

“ZT Systems solutions based on Microsoft’s Project Olympus specification represent an important development in datacenter hardware flexibility and efficiency,” said Brent Miller, ZT Systems VP of Sales and Marketing. “Workload-optimized solutions from ZT Systems help make the powerful cost-effectiveness of this new Microsoft platform available to a broad range of organizations.”

With over 23 years of experience as a supplier of hyperscale compute and storage solutions, ZT Systems has its headquarters located in Secaucus, NJ. The company’s global manufacturing spans the U.S., EMEA and APAC.