i-Virtualize Expands Its Cloud Offerings in North America with VersaStack Solution by Cisco and IBM

i-Virtualize, a provider of cloud hosting and on-premises computing solutions across North America, has selected the VersaStack Solution by Cisco and IBM to help its customers accelerate the installation of a system of infrastructure for big data & analytics, cloud and mobile computing.

ibm-cloudVersaStack is a pre-engineered, tested and supported system that pairs Cisco Unified Computing System Integrated Infrastructure (UCS) with IBM Storwize V7000 storage technology, and is designed to operate as an integrated infrastructure – “datacenter in a box.”

VersaStack contains server hardware, a disk storage system, networking equipment, and systems management software all integrated into a single platform. The solution would provide efficient use of computing, networking, and storage resources “with up to five times more” data storage with IBM Real-time Compression.

Hayward Gordon, FreeBalance

i-Virtualize customers such as Hayward Gordon and FreeBalance are streamlining their IT operations with VersaStack. Hayward Gordon is a major distributor of process equipment and a manufacturer of industrial pumps, mixers, and engineered systems. FreeBalance is a global provider of public financial management solution.

FreeBalance uses the i-Virtualize public cloud running on VersaStack to deliver its software as-a-service solution. i-Virtualize’s integrated stack of data center technologies including servers, storage and networking would help accelerate data center infrastructure deployment, efficiently manage information and resources, and quickly adapt to business change.

cisco-intercloud“Today we are bringing VersaStack to our customers either in the cloud or on-premises where our hardware runs their software,” said John Buskermolen, co-founder, i-Virtualize. “Tomorrow we intend to manage their software applications, too, delivering a totally integrated IT environment in the cloud. i-Virtualize is the first managed service provider (MSP) in North America to offer the enterprise-grade VersaStack solution which is far superior to ‘white box’ commodity servers in performance and efficiency. We now have the capability to extend our business globally working with Cisco and IBM.”

Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure includes Cisco UCS, Application Centric Infrastructure – Cisco Nexus, Cisco MDS 9000 Family switches, and Cisco UCS Director management software. The IBM Storwize V7000 includes technology that provides virtual environments with built-in functions such as Data Virtualization, Real-time Compression, and Easy Tier, which automatically migrates data between tiers based on real-time usage patterns, for improved performance and efficiency.

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