IaaS Cloud Hosting Provider ProfitBricks Adds Node.js to Its Growing List of Cloud SDKs

ProfitBricks, a provider of cloud hosting infrastructure for IaaS, has announced the release of a Node.js SDK written against its recently launched REST API. This new JavaScript based library provides coverage for all existing ProfitBricks REST API functions. With additional libraries set to release this month, ProfitBricks continues to prove its dedication to the DevOps community.

Node.js is an open source, cross-platform runtime environment. It offers an asynchronous event-driven framework designed to build scalable network applications. Written in JavaScript, Node.js applications can be run within the Node.js runtime on OSX, Microsoft Windows, Linux and more.

cloud-hosting-profitbricks“We’re growing our resources at a rapid rate, and it’s rewarding to see our efforts impacting the community and our customers in a positive way,” said Achim Weiss, Co-founder and CEO of ProfitBricks. “The addition of Node.js to our SDKs only strengthens our ability to provide a painless and cohesive environment for cloud operations and migration.” 

ProfitBricks recently announced the launch of its new DevOps Central and REST API, along with a series of new multi-cloud libraries including: LibCloud, Fog, Apache jclouds and a Python SDK for coding against its new RESTful APIs.

ProfitBricks boasts flexible cloud servers and networking, an integrated Data Center Designer tool for visual control over the cloud. The company has its offices located in Berlin, Germany, San Antonio, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts.