IDC Names Three Cloud-Native Application Delivery Controllers as IDC Innovators

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idc server researchInternational Data Corporation (IDC) has just released an IDC Innovators report recognizing three “innovative” vendors with revenue under $100 million providing cloud-native application delivery controllers (cloud-native ADCs).

The three vendors recognized as IDC Innovators are: Avi Networks, NGINX, and Webscale Networks.

Avi Networks helps enterprises scale up or scale down dynamically in response to sudden changes in traffic patterns with a platform that leverages analytics to make informed decisions on traffic based on built-in telemetry and visibility.

nginx softwareNGINX technology currently supports some of the world’s busiest websites and has an increasingly influential constituency of companies who utilize its cloud-native ADCs.

Webscale Networks caters to mid-market companies with a SaaS approach for customers who want application delivery to be as simple as possible.

“Existing application delivery infrastructure was designed for the client/server era, not for the demands of DevOps and microservices in a multi-cloud world,” said Brad Casemore, research director, Datacenter Networks. “Avi Networks, NGINX, and Webscale Networks are all responding to the burgeoning requirement for cloud-native application-delivery solutions.”

The new study, IDC Innovators: Cloud-Native Application Delivery Controllers, 2017 (IDC #US42127817), profiles cloud-native application delivery controllers with an innovative technology or a groundbreaking new business model or both. The IDC Innovators research document examines cloud-native application delivery controller companies with revenue of less than $100 million with a product, service, or business model with a specific use case.