3W Infra, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting provider headquartered in Amsterdam with customers around the globe and more than 4,000 dedicated servers under management, has selected Telecom Italia Sparkle (Sparkle) to add “high-quality” IP transit services to its blend of bandwidth offerings.

3W Infra’s agreement with Telecom Italia Sparkle is meant to further enhance network efficiency and bandwidth volume and is part of a major restructuring of 3W Infra’s global high-volume network with currently over 250 Gbps of bandwidth capacity available.

The network features of Sparkle’s Tier-1 Global IP Network (AS6762) would meet 3W Infra’s aim for network robustness and efficiency. These features include a 99,999% Service Level Agreement (SLA) reliability guarantee with low jitter and low latency, as well as 24×7 NOC engineering support.

“Now that our customer-base is further expanding with cloud service providers, gaming providers and other clients with demanding IT infrastructures, we wanted to have an even more robust design for our global network,” said Murat Bayhan, CEO of IaaS provider 3W Infra. “Retaining network resilience was a prerequisite while our aim was to further improve latency, scalability, and also cost-efficiency on our network. Sparkle helps us deliver on our promise with regard to our most demanding clients. Their assets greatly support our global IaaS hosting offering with a world-class networking infrastructure and a Tier-1 IP transit backbone.”

“With the addition of Sparkle’s fully-redundant network and worldwide reach, 3W Infra has made the next step to the creation of a future-proof global network,” added Mr. Bayhan. “Our smartly engineered network with global reach will definitely meet the most demanding requirements of our clients, together with the highly customized IaaS solutions delivered by 3W Infra including dedicated servers and colocation.”

About Telecom Italia Sparkle

Sparkle offers a complete range of IP, data, cloud, data center, mobile and voice solutions designed to meet the ever-changing needs of fixed and mobile operators, ISPs, OTTs, media and content players, application service providers and multinational corporations. As an international service provider and wholly owned subsidiary of TIM Group, Sparkle has been established on January 1, 2003 with the objective of developing and consolidating TIM Group’s global solutions business. The telecommunication provider owns and manages a global proprietary network of about 530.000 km of fiber which include three major regional systems in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Americas as well as an extensive ownership in major international submarine cables. With an international workforce distributed worldwide, Sparkle can count on a direct presence in 33 countries and commercial coverage on a global scale.

To learn more about Telecom Italia Sparkle, visit their website: https://www.tisparkle.com

About 3W Infra

Murat Bayhan
“Retaining network resilience was a prerequisite while our aim was to further improve latency, scalability, and also cost-efficiency on our network,” said Murat Bayhan, CEO of IaaS provider 3W Infra.

Founded in 2014 by some Internet and hosting industry veterans, 3W Infra is a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) hosting provider with extensive engineering knowledge and skills headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company’s ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified hosting solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

3W Infra’s infrastructural solutions are engineered for scalability and cost-efficiency, with cloud-enabling services including colocation, dedicated servers, IP connectivity, and “high-level” customer support. These solutions come with 3W Infra’s Remote Hands including relocation engineering services at the world’s main Internet hubs in Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London. As a fast-growing company aiming for sustainable growth, 3W Infra serves a dynamic array of different customer types with a variety of needs. The company’s flagship data center in Amsterdam features one of the lowest calculated pPUEs in the industry (1,04), which is highly energy-efficient. 3W Infra’s customer base includes some of the largest Internet, gaming, broadcasting and cloud services companies in Europe and beyond.

To learn more about 3W Infra, visit their website: https://www.3winfra.com/

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