IaaS Provider NovoServe Acquires YISP to Support International Expansion

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NovoServe, a fast-growing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider from the Netherlands, has acquired another Dutch IaaS provider with international reach. By doing so, NovoServe will significantly expand its international IaaS capabilities, network backbone, video streaming offerings, and client base. Financial terms of this acquisition were not disclosed.

Photo Herke Plantenga, CEO and founder of NovoServe
“YISP is an expert on high-performance networks and has a notable customer reach worldwide, which is perfect for our ambition to expand internationally,” said Herke Plantenga, CEO and founder of NovoServe.

“We have known YISP for a while now, and we are impressed by their reputation in the market and their customer portfolio,” said Herke Plantenga, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and founder of NovoServe. “YISP is an expert on high-performance networks and has a notable customer reach worldwide, which is perfect for our ambition to expand internationally.”

“This acquisition allows us to strive towards becoming the best IaaS hosting provider worldwide,” added Mr. Plantenga. “The ambition to stay on top, service our customers, and keep innovating is what drives us at NovoServe.”

Rens Ariens, founder and CEO of Yisp, will retain his knowledge and skills following the merger. As the newly appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of NovoServe, he expects to put his previous knowledge to good use.

Mr. Ariens is optimistic about the future of the new partnership. “For the past 15 years, we have provided our clients with high-quality technical hosting solutions,” said Rens Ariens. “At NovoServe, I’ll put my technological skills to good use and help the firm achieve its goals. The purchase of YISP by NovoServe provides the best of both worlds. We get to help our clients with difficult technical challenges as the firm progresses forward – with a fantastic staff, I might add.”

Network Backbone, Video Streaming

The acquisition of Yisp allows NovoServe to significantly expand its own network backbone with currently 6Tbp/s of bandwidth capacity. Yisp’s network brings a capacity of 2Tb/s to the NovoServe network portfolio while featuring automatic route optimization as well as quite some uplinks and peering agreements.

Yisp claims its network to be designed specifically for live streaming. Their automated rerouting software would identify any potential issues on route to end clients while promptly rerouting traffic. In the case of a live event, this is a crucial element for safeguarding reliable streaming.

Yisp also supplies unique infrastructure to numerous VOD (Video on Demand) firms to power their services. Next to that, it can provide completely managed video platform solutions for developers in collaboration with partners.

YISP claims to have an established track record in Asia, where it uses cutting-edge technology such as AMD EPYC high-performance CPUs. While their services would continue to be provided as before, the combination of the two organizations would boost their networks even further while introducing additional knowledge to both teams.

It’s not the first acquisition by IaaS provider NovoServe. In 2019, NovoServe acquired virtual private server (VPS) provider Zomro. This company, with their website in English and Russian language is focused on the CIS countries and has three primary offices: one in Kiev, Ukraine, one in Moscow, Russia, and one in Warsaw, Poland. The hosting firm was founded in 2014 and has since grown to over 220,000 clients throughout the world.