IBM Accelerates Its Hybrid Cloud Capabilities by Unveiling Bluemix Local

IBM has advanced its hybrid cloud capabilities by unveiling Bluemix Local – a cloud platform that allows enterprises to quickly build apps “in a secure manner” and deploy them across public, private and on-premises cloud environments. The delivery of Bluemix Local would bring the speed and ease of app development on Bluemix behind a client’s firewall.

With the Bluemix Local write once, run anywhere feature, enterprises would now be able to swiftly build and run apps in the cloud that stitch together existing systems and connect data and API’s into a single environment, while keeping apps current across all platforms. Today’s news continues to expand the Bluemix platform, which has been built on an open architecture to provide increased flexibility for enterprises.

New capabilities of Bluemix Local include:

  • ibm-cloud-2Relay technology, created by IBM cloud development teams, that would ensure all cloud environments remain current. Relay can instantly sync updates across environments, allowing enterprises to experience the same cloud content and visibility, regardless of location.
  • Access to IBM’s open-standards-based syndicated catalog of more than 120 services that combines IBM and third-party services so enterprises can construct and extend apps and services. With a private catalog and API Management services, enterprise clients can create, publish, manage and monetize their own APIs.
  • A single admin console that puts enterprises in control of their entire cloud platform with visibility through a single dashboard of their public, private and on-premises Bluemix cloud environments, including real-time releases, updates and patches.

CaixaBank, a large financial institution from Spain with a customer base of 13.8 million, over 5,300 branches and nearly 10,000 ATMs, has already chosen Bluemix Local to support business applications migrating from its local, and private, Cloud Foundry-based Platform-as-a-Service.

“With the delivery of Bluemix Local, IBM now has the broadest spectrum of hybrid cloud capability in the industry,” said Steve Robinson, general manager, Cloud Platform Services, IBM. “Developers are using APIs and building data-intensive apps at an explosive rate, but many, particularly those in heavily regulated industries, want the choice to keep sensitive workloads within their own data center. Clients want options. Now, we are empowering developers to build, deploy and run next-generation apps in the environment they need, with the flexibility to shift across hybrid clouds in a simple click.”

IBM launched Bluemix with a $1 billion investment in 2014. The open-standards-based Bluemix catalog includes over 120 tools and services spanning categories of big data, mobile, Watson, analytics, integration, DevOps, security and Internet of Things (IoT).

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