IBM and AWS Collaborate to Launch Amazon RDS for Db2 at AWS re:Invent 2023

IBM LinuxOne booth

At AWS re:Invent 2023 in Las Vegas, IBM has revealed that it has been collaborating with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on the general release of Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for Db2, a fully managed cloud solution made to simplify the management of data for artificial intelligence (AI) workloads in hybrid cloud environments for database customers.

Companies are using AI to get insights that may result in better decision-making, work automation, and increased productivity. Massive data sets supporting these AI technologies need contemporary data stores running on cloud-native architectures in order to provide scalability, cost optimization, improved performance, and business continuity.

Customers of Amazon RDS for Db2 now have the choice to optimize AI workloads by modernizing on-premises, on AWS, or by using a hybrid cloud architecture. Amazon RDS for Db2 may assist clients migrating to AWS in automating time-consuming database administration operations including provisioning, backups, software patching, and monitoring. This helps clients move their current, self-managed Db2 databases to the cloud.

“For almost all of our customers, digital transformation is a strategic need. We’re assisting businesses in getting ready for the next wave of applications, analytics, and AI workloads that will drive the modern economy by collaborating with AWS to deliver Db2 to Amazon RDS,” said Dinesh Nirmal, Senior Vice President of Products at IBM Software. “IBM and AWS are redefining the possibilities of cloud database innovation, removing the complexity of modernization and empowering organizations to realize the full potential of their data.”

Amazon RDS customers have seen significant business value by moving to a fully managed service. Results of an AWS and IDC study of RDS users found study participants who moved to a managed database on Amazon RDS were able to manage on average up to 60%1 more databases per DBA and estimated an average of 39% lower database operational costs over three years – enabling DBAs to focus on high value work like application modernization or query optimization.

IBM Db2 Database in the Cloud

“We are happy to work with IBM to make it easier for customers to manage and modernize the highly-regarded and trusted IBM Db2 database in the cloud. For more than ten years, Amazon RDS has provided best-in-class managed database services, security best practices, and operational experience to hundreds of thousands of clients for their mission-critical workloads,” said Jeff Carter, Vice President of Databases & Migrations at AWS. “Customers may leverage Amazon RDS multi-AZ installations for high availability and durability and delegate time-consuming database management chores like provisioning, backups, patching, and monitoring to Amazon RDS for Db2. Additionally, users may quickly benefit from AWS’s extensive service portfolio, which includes the flexibility to expedite their generative AI goals.”

Amazon RDS for Db2 combines IBM Db2’s decades of experience managing mission-critical workloads for some of the biggest banks, supply chain operations, and retail/e-commerce companies in the world with the operational know-how and user-friendliness of Amazon RDS to streamline database management.

Customers of Amazon RDS for Db2 will be able to manage data and expand AI workloads by using a variety of IBM’s integrated data and AI capabilities on AWS as they accelerate their modernization and AI projects. This would cover all of IBM‘s commercial database offerings, data fabric solutions, Watsonx data, AI, and specific AI governance functionalities, all of which would be capable of assisting clients in developing, implementing, and scaling the next wave of reliable AI applications. Customers of Amazon RDS for Db2 will now be able to leverage native connectors between Db2 Warehouse and open data lakehouse on AWS to unify, transform, and exchange transactional data for AI.