IBM and City of Berlin Plan to Accelerate Local Innovation on IBM Cloud with

Together with the Berlin Startup Unit of the City of Berlin, a range of other local civic organizations and the local community partner Openers, IBM has introduced on the IBM Cloud. is a new online hub for Berlin’s developers, startups, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, meant to accelerate innovation and stimulate local economic activity. 

The site is an interactive platform that provides a central location for visitors to learn about new job opportunities; read about local tech news; sign up for tech-focused events, classes and meet-ups; and navigate the city with a digital map that lists open office locations, workspaces and more. The City of Berlin provided content and additional resources for building the hub, and will use it to as its main platform for communicating with entrepreneurs. will also offer a comprehensive search portal with a database and profile of Berlin-based tech companies and investors; a city-wide tech event calendar; continuous updates of technology-related jobs in the city; and a dedicated section for breaking news stories. is hosted on IBM SoftLayer cloud infrastructure and will be updated regularly using tools from Bluemix. Bluemix is a platform that combines over 100 cloud based development services from IBM and its partner ecosystem – including tools for social, mobile, analytics, cloud integration, Internet of Things, and more – for developers to use in creating their applications.

Built on open standards, the cloud platform would make it easier for developers to integrate cloud applications with each other and with on-premise workloads to create hybrid deployments and is in fact the largest deployment of Cloud Foundry in the world.

$120,000 of Free Cloud Credit

Through its support of, IBM will offer up to $120,000 of free cloud credit for local qualified startups to use as they build their business on the IBM Cloud. It will also develop content with advice for startups on how to use social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies to build their business; while local IBM customers will use it as a forum to share advice and make connections.

Combining these offers with the cloud center that IBM launched in Frankfurt will make it easier for startups to build their business locally before scaling globally across IBM’s network of more than 40 cloud centers worldwide as they grow.