IBM Brings Blue Box Cloud to Its Global Network of Datacenters

Less than 90 days after its acquisition of Blue Box, IBM’s Blue Box Cloud Dedicated, an OpenStack based Private-Cloud-as-a-Service (PCaaS) delivered on dedicated servers, is now available in any of IBM’s globally integrated cloud data centers running SoftLayer infrastructure.

blue-box-cloudCustomers would use IBM’s Blue Box Cloud Dedicated to combine the performance and cost management benefits of private cloud with the ease of provisioning and operations support of public cloud. It offers a single management tool for OpenStack-based private clouds, regardless of location, bringing greater simplicity and consistency to the operation of public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure globally.

“I’ve been impressed by the way the IBM and Blue Box engineering teams have collaborated to quickly bring Blue Box Cloud to a worldwide infrastructure platform,” said Jesse Proudman, CTO at Blue Box, an IBM Company. “Today, we’ve taken a big step toward our goal of delivering private clouds to customers anywhere in the world—and we’re offering deployment timelines that are unheard of within traditional private cloud.”

Customers can consume this OpenStack-powered private cloud infrastructure from a data center in their preferred geography, isolating data within SoftLayer‘s global data centers, driving down latency and improving application performance for their end users. This would also provide customers with an easy entry point into hybrid cloud.