IBM Debuts Global Cloud Marketplace with Partner Ecosystem

IBM has launched a marketplace that brings together IBM’s vast portfolio of cloud hosting capabilities and cloud services from IBM partners and third party vendors. The cloud marketplace is aimed at developers, IT managers and business leaders to learn, try, and buy software and services from IBM and its global partner ecosystem.

Clients can access a full suite of IBM-as-a-Service with 100 SaaS applications, IBM’s Bluemix platform-as-a-service with composable services, the SoftLayer IaaS cloud hosting offering and third party cloud services.

Some examples of IBM’s launching partners are: Acumatica, a provider of cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and ANFACTO, provider of FleetOS; a mobile OS distribution based on Android and designed to make the deployment of fixed-purpose devices fast and easy.

IBM Cloud Platform General Manager Steve Robinson (right) tours the IBM Cloud marketplace online with Jim Franklin, CEO of IBM partner SendGrid (left) on various computers and mobile devices (Copyright: IBM)

“Most cloud marketplaces are tied to one specific product offering,” said Jim Franklin, CEO of another launching partner, SendGrid; a cloud based service that solves the challenge of email delivery by delivering emails on behalf of companies. “If you don’t use the particular service for which the marketplace was built – even if you’re a customer of other products by the same company, that marketplace is irrelevant for you. The IBM Cloud marketplace will be available to all IBM and non-IBM customers. Whether you’re using BlueMix, or SoftLayer, or another IBM product, the IBM marketplace will be there to serve you. As a vendor, being able to reach all IBM customers from one place is very exciting.”

Intuitive access

Hundreds of enterprise-grade cloud services from IBM and its partners can now be tested and experienced online. The marketplace content is dynamically served up by job role and service pages have intuitive access for those interested in categories such as Start-ups, Mobile, Gaming and others.

For example, an enterprise DevOps team is looking for a better way to develop new technologies to meet fast-changing needs of the business. Through the IBM Cloud marketplace they can consolidate immediate trial and purchasing of both IBM and third-party applications.

The launch of this global cloud marketplace is the next significant step in IBM’s continuing march toward building the most comprehensive cloud portfolio for the enterprise. This year alone IBM announced:

  • $1.2 Billion investment to expand its global cloud hosting footprint with SoftLayer
  • $1 Billion in cloud development with the launch of Bluemix, Platform-as-a-Service enabling much of IBM middleware to the cloud.
  • $1 Billion in the launch of a new business unit, the Watson Group for cloud-delivered cognitive innovation.
  • Acquisition of Aspera and Cloudant, bringing the total to $7 Billion invested in 17 cloud acquisitions since 2010.
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