IBM Expands Power10 Server Family with Mid-Range and Scale-Out Systems

IBM Servers Power10

With the introduction of mid-range and scale-out server systems to update, secure, and automate business applications and IT operations, IBM has announced a significant expansion of its Power10 server line. These new IBM Power10 servers give clients that want to swiftly deploy new services across various environments additional pay-as-you-go consumption options while combining performance, scalability, and flexibility.

Photo Steve Sibley, VP, IBM Power Product Management
“Our new Power10 server models offer clients a variety of flexible hybrid cloud choices with the agility and automation to best fit their needs,” said Steve Sibley, VP, IBM Power Product Management.

The Power10 Midrange E1050 server, which would offer record-breaking 4-socket compute, Java, and ERP performance capabilities, is now a part of the expanded IBM Power10 server portfolio, which is centered around the next-generation IBM Power10 processor with 2x more cores and more than 2x memory bandwidth than previous Power generations.

The entry-level Power S1014 server, along with the S1022, and S1024 choices, are new scale-out servers that deliver enterprise features to SMBs and remote-office/branch office environments, like Capacity Upgrade on Demand (CuOD).

“Today’s highly dynamic environment has created volatility, from materials to people and skills, all of which impact short-term operations and long-term sustainability of the business,” said Steve Sibley, Vice President, IBM Power Product Management. “The right IT investments are critical to business and operational resilience. Our new Power10 server models offer clients a variety of flexible hybrid cloud choices with the agility and automation to best fit their needs, without sacrificing performance, security, or resilience.”


The Power10 E1080 server, which was first announced in September 2021, is joined by the new servers to provide clients’ IT infrastructure with a secure, reliable hybrid cloud experience that can be controlled by other x86 and multi-cloud management tools.

With the addition of the new midrange and scale-out servers to the IBM Power10 server family, the entire product line now has high-end server capabilities. In addition to supporting important security features like sophisticated processor/system isolation and transparent memory encryption, the new server systems also make use of the OpenBMC project from the Linux Foundation to provide the scale-out servers with a high level of protection.

The IBM Power10 server family has been expanded in order to create one of the most adaptable and comprehensive ranges of servers in the market for data-intensive workloads like SAP S/4HANA, from on-premises workloads to hybrid cloud. IBM would now provide more ways to implement dynamic capacity, including integrated infrastructure automation software for better visibility and management, metering across all operating environments, including IBM I AIX, Linux, and OpenShift, and support for both modern and legacy applications on the same platforms.