IBM Gets Another Patent – Cloud BPM for Precision Marketing

cloud-bpmAfter securing several cloud related patents in a relatively short time, IBM has patented another technique. This time it’s a method for combining Big Data from distributed cloud hosting services with data stored on local IT systems to gain new insights that can enable businesses to more efficiently and effectively market and serve their customers.

The cloud Business Process Management (BPM) invention, for which IBM received U.S. Patent #8,504,400: Dynamically Optimized Distributed Cloud Computing-based Business Process Management (BPM) System, would make it easier to manage business operations and gain new insights by accessing, integrating and analyzing Big Data – no matter where it is stored.

Combining cloud data

For example, a retailer would be able to use IBM’s invention to tap in-house sales records to analyze customer shopping habits, while combining data from multiple cloud based services such as online ratings and reviews. This unified approach will enable companies to deliver personalize coupons, offers, promotions via marketing campaigns across a variety of sales channels. All while being able to modify campaigns in real-time.

“Combining business processes and data from cloud hosting services with information stored on-site will allow business leaders to optimize their operations, particularly during times of peak performance,” said Dennis Quan, IBM vice president of cloud infrastructure services. “Our patented technique removes barriers and challenges that are inhibiting companies of all sizes from accessing all of the cloud infrastructure and services they need to get the job done.”