IBM Powers OVH’s New Hourly Public Cloud Hosting Offerings

OVH, one of the largest hosting providers in the world, headquartered in France, has launched an on-demand cloud hosting service based on IBM’s POWER8 processor, tuned specifically for Big Data, high performance computing and database workloads.

OVH serves 700,000 customers with 180,000 hosted environments in 17 data centers around the world. The company was looking to provide its clients with a fast, robust public cloud hosting service that could specifically meet the needs of clients who manage large amounts of data or require extreme scalability.

OVH turned to IBM and its new Power Systems for the release of the newest version of its cloud hosting service, RunAbove. RunAbove is OVH‘s public cloud offering that provides on-demand services at an hourly rate.

IBM Power Systems

cloud-servers-ovhThe RunAbove service, enabled by PowerKVM virtualization and the Fedora Linux open source operating system, OpenStack IaaS software and POWER8 processor-based Power Systems, is specifically designed to allow developers access to high performance hardware for their Big Data and analytics workloads in a public, scalable cloud hosting environment.

“We needed a platform that would be able to perform well with specific workloads, a platform that would help our clients achieve faster results and manage large amounts of data,” said Maxime Hurtrel, RunAbove marketing manager, OVH. “By providing our customers with a public cloud powered by IBM Power Systems, we are able to offer a service that is designed to handle all types of data workloads while scaling to meet changing needs and development cycles.”