IBM, SAP Help Clients Move Workloads from SAP to the Cloud


IBM and SAP are collaborating to deliver technology and consulting services to SAP users. Together, the vendors intend to help clients adopt a hybrid cloud strategy and migrate mission-critical workloads from SAP solutions to the cloud for regulated and non-regulated sectors.

Moving the workloads and applications that form the backbone of a client’s company operation to a hybrid cloud environment demands a highly secure and stable cloud environment. With the launch of IBM’s premium supplier option for RISE with SAP, SAP users will be equipped with the tools to accelerate the transfer of their on-premises SAP software workloads to IBM Cloud, backed by the highest security capabilities.

“We are thrilled to advance our long-standing partnership through RISE with SAP,” said John Granger, Senior Vice President, IBM Consulting. “Our shared commitment is to meet our clients, especially those in highly regulated industries, where they are in their digital journey, while giving them choices for migrating or modernizing their mission critical workloads with a hybrid cloud approach.”

Journey to SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Photo Brian Duffy, President of Cloud, SAP
“BREAKTHROUGH with IBM is an outstanding complement to RISE with SAP as it lays the foundation for our customers to embark on or advance their business transformation journeys,” said Brian Duffy, President of Cloud, SAP.

IBM is also unveiling a new program, BREAKTHROUGH with IBM for RISE with SAP, a portfolio of solutions and consulting services that would help accelerate and amplify the journey to SAP S/4HANA Cloud. The solutions and services, which are built on a flexible and scalable platform, leverage intelligent processes to simplify operations. They would provide an engagement methodology that aids in the planning, execution, and support of comprehensive business transformation. Clients will also have the option of migrating SAP solution workloads to the public cloud with the help of extensive industry experience.

As part of RISE with SAP, IBM has been named a premium supplier, making it a preferred cloud provider to offer infrastructure, business transformation, and application management services. IBM’s premium supplier status is a continuation of SAP’s long-standing efforts to give customers with choice and flexibility, allowing IBM customers who prefer their RISE with SAP package to run on IBM Cloud to do so.

“BREAKTHROUGH with IBM is an outstanding complement to RISE with SAP as it lays the foundation for our customers to embark on or advance their business transformation journeys,” said Brian Duffy, President of Cloud, SAP. “Further, it reaffirms the value customers recognize from RISE with SAP and the impact and innovation opportunity RISE with SAP offers to organizations that move to the cloud. I have every confidence that the combined expertise and experience SAP and IBM offer will accelerate cloud adoption and business growth for customers across the globe.”

SAP S/4HANA on IBM Cloud

According to an IDC study sponsored by IBM, migration to SAP S/4HANA on IBM Cloud from on-premises data centers can possibly provide the following benefits:

  • Return on investment – According to users polled, migrating to SAP S/4HANA on IBM Cloud resulted in revenue improvements for up to 90% of firms making the switch
  • Reduced costs – More than 80% of the companies in the research indicated they were able to lower their operational costs
  • Greater productivity – After transitioning to SAP S/4HANA on IBM Cloud, 9 out of 10 organizations in the research reported increased productivity

IBM and SAP have worked on thousands of unique projects with hundreds of clients across the world to update their systems and business processes using an open, hybrid cloud strategy. Coca-Cola European Partners, Parle Products, Harmont & Blaine, Puravankara, and Virgin Megastore KSA are just a few recent examples.

IBM has made a substantial investment in RISE with SAP to help change its own infrastructure, demonstrating its commitment to SAP S/4HANA as both a client and a business partner for the past 50 years. IBM is a new RISE with SAP premium provider, and it’s employing the IBM Hybrid Cloud, including IBM Power-enabled Infrastructure as a Service, to boost the performance, availability, and security of private SAP S/4HANA Cloud installations.