IBM SoftLayer Selects Virtustream’s Cloud Management Platform Software

IBM will use Virtustream’s cloud management platform (CMP) software, xStream, as an option to deliver SAP and SAP HANA environments on the IBM SoftLayer cloud globally for both managed and customer managed SAP environments. This partnership will enable companies to easily move SAP applications to SoftLayer’s cloud hosting environment.

The SoftLayer cloud, managed by Virtustream’s xStream CMP software, will enable clients to migrate and run the entire SAP portfolio in a cloud hosting environment: SAP ECC/ERP, SAP HANA, SAP BI, SAP BW, SAP B1 and other SAP products. The solution supports both production and test/dev environments and would deliver dynamic cloud efficiency, on-demand scale, assured performance and enhanced security.

SoftLayer data centers

softlayer-cloud“We are very excited to work with IBM to address the explosive market of migrating, running, and managing mission-critical SAP applications in the cloud,” said Rodney Rogers, Chairman and CEO of Virtustream. “We believe the combination of xStream, Virtustream’s cloud management software, and SoftLayer’s cloud hosting infrastructure will be the premier cloud solution offered in the market today.”

In addition, Virtustream will also utilize SoftLayer data centers and cloud hosting infrastructure to expand its own Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) business service beyond current capacities in the US and UK markets in which it currently operates.

xStream CMP software

Virtustream xStream CMP software is purpose-built for enterprise, government and service provider customers wanting to deploy mission-critical and production applications in cloud hosting environments. xStream software can be added to existing virtualized and/or physical infrastructure to provide highly secure, compliant and performance assured clouds – private, public and hybrid.

The company’s underlying Virtustream Micro-VMTM (µVM) technology would enable IT expenses to be efficiently reduced, while assuring the overall performance of the mission-critical applications when running in a cloud.