IBM Voice Agent with Watson

Customer support over the phone can be a very frustrating experience. When a customer calls with a common query or request, they are usually presented with a list of options that must be correctly navigated before finally getting placed on a queue to speak to a call center agent. During busy periods, queuing to speak to an agent can take time, and many automated messages prompt callers to first try and get help online. The story when getting customer support online is very different from this. Cognitive bots can talk to people via a webpage, answering common queries and solving basic requests without needing to wait for a support agent to be available.

IBM is solving this problem with IBM Voice Agent with Watson, a cloud-based solution that connects your contact center with Watson services.

This provides call centers the ability to enable customers to talk to Watson and have it answer a question or resolve a query or request, as well as enabling Watson to listen in to calls between a caller and a call center agent. Watson’s analytics services can provide information that can be used to help an agent on a call with a customer. Learn more:

Duration: 1:26
Publisher: IBMcloud
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