IDC Report: i-ERP is the Next Wave of Enterprise Applications, Enabling Digital Transformation for Organizations

A new report from International Data Corporation (IDC) argues that enterprise organizations planning to keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital business environment will need to move from pre-digital era systems to more robust intelligent systems – and fast.

The report, i-ERP (Intelligent ERP): The New Backbone for Digital Transformation (IDC #US41732516), reveals how the digital transformation landscape is unfolding across many software applications, including marketing automation, service and support, commerce, and sales.

idc cloud researchThe pace is most evident in the enterprise resource planning (ERP) application suite, which IDC calls intelligent ERP, or i-ERP. Intelligent systems leverage machine learning, cloud deployment, and predictive analytics to manage data. IDC’s report provides insight into how the shift to i-ERP is progressing and provides a framework for assessing vendor adoption.

“i-ERP applications are set to be the next wave of ERP, supporting the digital transformation of companies at the core of their enterprise systems,” said Henry Morris, IDC Fellow for IDC’s Worldwide Big Data, Analytics, and Cognitive Software research. “Evaluating these systems relies on assessing three dimensions: an assistive and conversational user experience, extended process automation and augmentation, and curated data sets accompanied by in-context access.”