IDC Study: Significant Rise in Hybrid Cloud Adoption

As multi-cloud environments and hybrid cloud become more prevalent, IDC’s CloudView Survey 2017 reveals that 87% of cloud users have adopted some capabilities for a hybrid cloud strategy, an increase of 17% compared to 2016.

The top drivers of cloud adoption include improving agility and security, as well as standardizing IT infrastructure.

idc cloud researchCloudView 2017 encompasses thousands of surveys from line-of-business cloud buyers and IT operations staff on cloud adoption rates, trends, and attitudes. Survey respondents are from more than 6,000 organizations worldwide, all of whom are current users of cloud services.

“The study gathers data on the journey to cloud and how it differs by vertical – and micro-vertical – by country, by company size, company age, and by job title,” said Benjamin McGrath, senior research analyst, SaaS and Cloud Software, IDC.

“What industry-specific projects are moving to the cloud? What are end-users looking for from their vendors in each country? How will all that change over time?”

To gain a complete picture of potential cloud customers along the journey, IDC’s CloudView Survey 2017 data is also collected from respondents at organizations who are not currently utilizing cloud.

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