Identity Security Cloud Service, ID DataWeb, Receives Investment from Strategic Cyber Ventures

Identity verification cloud-service ID DataWeb, based in Vienna, VA, has successfully closed a Series B strategic investment from SCV Group, headquartered in Washington, DC.

id datawebID DataWeb’s Attribute eXchange Network (AXN) supports customers in thirty-five countries today with plans to expand to over sixty in 2017. The AXN cloud broker service would provide agility, scalability and cost efficiencies to enable real-time identity proofing, multifactor authentication and enhanced privacy for constituents within and between industry ecosystems.

“Identity is recognized as the new defense perimeter for online transactions,” said David Coxe, CEO of ID DataWeb. “Our partnership with SCV will be instrumental in enhancing security, privacy, convenience and savings for customers of ID Dataweb cloud broker services.”

“Credential Theft has become a pandemic,” said Tom Kellermann, CEO of Strategic Cyber Ventures. “Authentication has long been the Achilles heel of cybersecurity. Our investment in ID DataWeb advances American cybersecurity because its technology solves the world’s digital identity security problem. Dynamic identity verification is the future of the Web 4.0. This investment ensures the safety of American digital identities.”

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