Identiv, a global provider of physical security and secured identification solutions, has announced a major software update to Identiv Connected Physical Access Manager (ICPAM). As a full-featured enterprise access control system that is tightly integrated with Cisco’s suite of Connected Safety and Security products, ICPAM 3.3 would deliver stability and speed improvements between servers, clients, controllers, and integrations, as well as server performance and reliability enhancements.

With the release of ICPAM 3.3, Identiv addresses the physical security needs and requirements of enterprise and government customers globally. Identiv ICPAM 3.3 includes solutions for access control, video and video analytics, access readers and credentials, secured identity, and secured mobile communications.

ICPAM 3.3 would feature the following enhancements:

Quality and Testing

  • Expanded automated regression testing
  • Global test environment to test latency and scalability

Stability and Efficiency

  • Stability and speed improvements between servers, clients, controllers, and integrations
  • More efficient MySQL RAM/CPU usage and guidance for tuning larger systems
  • Updated Mx driver, SNIB3 firmware, and CCM firmware

Server Performance

  • API and ICPAM client stability
  • MySQL usage of CPU and RAM
  • High message rate handling for large sites

Integrations Performance

  • Increased API workload throughput
  • Consistent, automatic downloads

Client Performance

  • Performance improvements for maps module
  • Personalized system control with Mx commands
  • Mass editing of integrated VSM cameras within hardware tree

Mx Controller Support

  • Bulk credential download performance
  • Robust support for latent networks
  • Door status
  • Door admin up/down control
  • Reset door mode option

“ICPAM 3.3 was developed collaboratively with our large-scale, global enterprise customers, demonstrating Identiv’s commitment to customer satisfaction,” said Mark Allen, General Manager, Physical Security, Identiv. “We remain committed to ICPAM, CPAM customers and the Cisco VAR and system integrator channel. We are pleased to announce that ICPAM will continue to be sold and supported by Identiv.”

Identiv ICPAM 3.3 is immediately available from Identiv Technical Support to all customers with a current software support agreement (SSA).