IDrive Online Backup Launches VMware Backup

IDrive Inc., a company specializing in cloud storage, online backup, file sharing, remote access, compliance and related technologies, has launched a new cloud backup service, VMware Backup. By backing up VM data incrementally, IDrive would keep the cost of storage and bandwidth usage down

Traditional backup of virtualization machines can be costly, slow, and complicated, according to IDrive. The company’s new data protection solution for securing virtualization environments against disasters would accelerate savings and backup times with incremental backups, simple restores, and disaster recovery for virtual machines.

Key features of IDrive’s VMware Backup solution include:

  • secure cloudBackup unlimited virtual machines in VMware ESXi (5.5, 6.0), Vcenter
  • Incremental and scheduled backup
  • Zero downtime with hot backups of virtual machines
  • Use in conjunction with VMware vCenter

IDrive’s VMware backup protects virtual machines with military grade encryption, 256-bit AES encryption, as the data is encrypted upon transfer and storage to ensure total security, along with an optional private key for another layer of protection.

“Virtualization allows you to run multiple different operating systems under one roof,” said Shane Bingham, Business Development Manager, IDrive. “If you experience a crash, the data loss can be massive. IDrive helps you secure all your virtual environments for less money. If a crash occurs, you can easily restore your OS and keep business operations running smoothly.”