Illuminating the global fishing fleet through machine learning

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Oceanic ecosystems are threatened by a lack of science-based fishery management, but machine learning can help. Welcome to People and Planet AI where we explore how machine learning helps us learn about the biological variety and variability on earth. In this episode, we show how Global Fishing Watch uses Google Cloud tools and machine learning to determine when a ship is or isn’t fishing. Watch to learn how you can create your own time series classification app that includes latitude and longitudinal data!

0:00 – Intro facts on unsustainable fishing
0:23 – Intro to
1:07 – Series intro
1:30 – Meet Brian Sullivan Co-Founder of Global Fishing Watch at Google
3:11 – How Google is helping
4:13 – Architecture review for making a time series classification model
4:55 – What is Maritime Mobile Service Identity
5:14 – Converting irregular GPS signals to hourly timesteps
5:24 – Using a 1-Dimensional Fully Convolutional Network
5:40 – Fishing labels
6:03 – Training and evaluation datasets
6:20 – Defining the model
6:36 – Options to host model
6:42 – View of model making predictions in Colab notebook
7:01 – Try out the code sample
7:30 – Brian’s fun fact about the project

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