Illumio and Carahsoft Partner to Improve Cybersecurity in the Public Sector


Zero Trust Segmentation pioneer Illumio and Carahsoft, a prominent brand in government IT solutions, have announced a partnership agreement. This partnership is a strategic alliance aimed at enhancing public sector cybersecurity. Under the terms of this new agreement, Carahsoft will take on the role of Illumio’s Master Government Aggregator.

The partnership will pave the way for the public sector to have access to Illumio’s Zero Trust Segmentation (ZTS) Platform. Carahsoft’s broad reseller networks and its variety of contracts, such as the GSA Schedule, the National Association of State Procurement Officials (NASPO) ValuePoint, and OMNIA Partners, would make this process much simpler.

Illumio - Gary Barlet
“Carahsoft, an established and reputable brand in the public sector, is an expert in navigating enterprises through the complex labyrinth of cybersecurity,” said Gary Barlet, Federal Field CTO at Illumio.

The Zero Trust methods have been moved to the forefront of the Biden administration’s defense armory in an effort to bolster the country’s overall safety in the face of the more common occurrence of serious cyberthreats.

Illumio would appear as a powerful barrier in this context, increasing organizational resilience by preventing breach progress towards crucial assets and infrastructure. The ability of Illumio ZTS to use a contemporary method that has been approved by the federal government to combat breaches by isolating them is one of its strengths. In addition, the Illumio platform has skills in the area of micro-segmentation, which is an additional essential component in the field of cybersecurity.

In addition, Illumio is in full compliance with the severe directions contained in the US National Cybersecurity Strategy 2023 and other important US Federal edicts, such as Executive Order 14028 and CISA’s Strategic Plan for 2023-2025. This would make Illumio a strong contender in the market. These mandates, which are intended to strengthen the nation’s approach to cybersecurity, have the goal of protecting sensitive data and activities carried out by federal agencies.


Illumio ZTS’s Government Cloud solution has been awarded the coveted Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) In Process certification. Under the auspices of the Office of Inspector General of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS OIG), it has accomplished this at the Moderate Impact Level.

Alex Whitworth, who serves as the Cybersecurity Solutions Vertical Executive at Carahsoft, emphasized the significance of the organization’s overall objective. “In light of the rapidly evolving landscape of cyberattacks, the Federal Government is moving in the direction of Zero Trust strategies as a formidable line of defense. Because of our partnership with Illumio, we are able to provide our customers with superior Zero Trust Segmentation, which in turn reduces their susceptibility to cyber-attacks.”

Gary Barlet, who is the Federal Field CTO at Illumio, reiterated the view and emphasized how important it is for federal organizations to limit breaches of their data. “Carahsoft, an established and reputable brand in the public sector, is an expert in navigating enterprises through the complex labyrinth of cybersecurity.” Mr. Barlet stressed that the purpose of our relationship is to strengthen agencies and ensure that they continue to be operational and resilient even in the event of a breach.