Illumio Introduces Cyber Assessment to Provide MRI-Like Visibility Inside Data Centers and Clouds

Illumio, a company delivering adaptive security for every computing environment, has announced the launch of its Attack Surface Assessment Program (ASAP). Illumio ASAP gives enterprises MRI-like visibility inside the data center and cloud by providing a map of high-value assets and open communications pathways between applications. It would then enable organizations to understand – and radically reduce – the attack surface of their high-value assets.

Illumio ASAP addresses the security gap inside the data center and cloud created by network segmentation technologies. It is designed for organizations who want to proactively identify and eliminate existing risks inside their data center and cloud associated with the lateral spread of attacks.

ASAP’s network- and application-level visibility would enable IT Security teams to identify unknown traffic between development and production environments, as well as communication pathways that make high-value applications vulnerable to attackers.

cloud security illumio“Once an attacker is inside a data center or cloud, their ‘dwell time’ – the period they can scan a compromised network for high-value data before being detected – can be upwards of 100-200 days,” said Doug Cahill, Senior Analyst, ESG. “Technologies like the Illumio Attack Surface Assessment Program can give organizations additional visibility that can help them restrict attackers’ ability to conduct network reconnaissance or eliminate infrastructure vulnerabilities before they can ever be exploited.”

The development of Illumio ASAP was led by Nathaniel Gleicher, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy for Illumio and former Director for Cybersecurity Policy for the National Security Council at the White House.

“Because network segmentation tools tend to be coarse grained and incredibly complex to deploy at scale, the interior geography of most data centers is still fairly open,” said Nathaniel Gleicher. “This large attack surface favors attackers, because once they get in they can quickly move to high-value targets, and be extremely difficult to identify and contain. Illumio ASAP is designed to rebalance the playing field between defenders and attackers.”

Illumio ASAP Benefits

Illumio ASAP would highlight the servers and communications flows that attackers are most likely to target in their search for high-value assets. The custom Illumio assessment report gives organizations a draft plan for eliminating the attack surface inside their data centers and clouds by using adaptive segmentation to harden their security posture.

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