iManage Cloud Experiences Record Adoption for Its Data Management and Security Platform

iManaged Cloud, a cloud-based data management and security platform delivering its services to over one million professionals at over 3,000 organizations in over 65 countries – including more than 2,000 law firms and 500 corporate legal departments, has seen its customers more than double over the past year.

iManage, the company behind the iManaged Cloud platform, claims that the number of organizations using iManage Cloud has increased by more than 100 percent for the second year in a row. iManage Cloud is being delivered as-a-service through seven global data centers.

iManage Cloud’s ‘Work Product Management’ suite encompasses document and email management, security and governance, knowledge management and artificial intelligence (AI). iManage Cloud’s ‘Smart Worklists’, ‘Smart Previews’, ‘Document Timelines’ and ‘AI-Powered Personalized Search’ would enable professionals in legal, accounting and professional services, to work smarter and more productively while meeting today’s increasingly stringent security demands.

Encrypted Data

All of iManage Cloud’s data is encrypted using advanced cryptographic technology while customers can manage their own keys, giving them exclusive control over their data. iManage Cloud supports data domicile requirements by enabling client data to be housed in specific geographies based on local laws and regulations.

“Today’s professional service firms are 24 x 7 operations and service disruptions are simply unacceptable,” said Dan Dosen, General Manager, Cloud Services, iManage. “Downtime means missed client deadlines, loss of revenue and damaged reputation. We continue to invest in our cloud to maintain the industry’s highest standards for performance and uptime while offering innovative features demanded by today’s professionals.”