IMN Hosts 7th Annual West Coast Provider Forum on Financing & Investing in Data Centers & Cloud Services in Santa Rosa, California

Information Management Network (IMN), founded in 1994 and a global organizer of conferences focusing on institutional finance, investments and healthcare IT, is hosting its 7th Annual West Coast Provider Forum on Data Centers and Cloud Services Infrastructure in Santa Rosa, CA, October 17-18.

John Clune, President and CEO of Kansas City data center, Cavern Technologies was selected to bring his expertise to a panel of industry front-runners from across the nation and address critical business issues facing C-level executives with data center, colocation, and cloud service providers.

Topics covered during the event will include:

  • Optimizing Business Models & Strategies for Growth
  • Expanding to New Service Offerings
  • Cost Reduction & Mitigation Strategies
  • Cost-Effective Infrastructure Investment & Future-Proofing

cavern technologies data centersJohn Clune will share his experience in launching and growing Cavern Technologies to become Kansas City’s premier data center solutions provider – to help other C-level executives in the small-to mid-sized provider segment identify key performance indicators within their own organizations.

During their panel discussion, “What is Your Secret Sauce?”, Mr. Clune and his co-panelists will cover a range of topics including, defining customer base, service offerings, and churn; as well as outlining expansions, power density changes, cloud strategies, and potential buyouts.

Joining John Clune on the panel are: Greg Pettine, Director of Business Development, Schneider Electric; Nicholas Kottyan, President & CEO, DataChambers; Guy Willner, Chairman, International Data Centre Group; and Erik Levitt, CEO, Open Data Centers.

For more information about IMN Provider Forum, visit their website here.

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