Improve Day 2 Ops with k0smotron and Cluster API for Enhanced Cluster Lifecycle Management

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🗺️ Navigating Day 2 operations in Kubernetes can be intricate. Platform teams often grapple with a spectrum of tasks – from upgrades, scaling, and configuration to complex multi-cluster coordination, backup, and recovery – especially when juggling clusters across various clouds and stages such as Development, QA, and Production.

🚀 Enter k0smotron and Cluster API: tools that simplify these tasks. By merely adjusting the desired state, platform engineers can sit back and let the controllers execute the required operations for them, taking advantage of the very latest in Kubernetes automation.

In this Tech Talk, we’ll dive into how k0smotron – the all new, open source project from the teams at Mirantis – and Cluster API can be game-changers for Day 2 cluster operations, helping professionals harness their latest enhancements for more streamlined operations.

Sr. Principal Engineer Jussi Nummelin and Sr. Solution Architect Julian Hennig will demonstrate how to enhance your organization’s Day 2 Operations using k0smotron – with Cluster API integration – for easier Kubernetes cluster lifecycle management across multiple clouds.

You’ll walk away from this Tech Talk with a better understanding of:
🟢 How to use k0smotron and Cluster API – for upgrades, scaling & configuration changes
🟢 How to use k0smotron on ANY infrastructure
🟢 What you need to run k0smotron without a Cluster API Infrastructure provider
🟢 Other tools, services & open source projects that will further enhance your Day 2 Operations

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0:00 – Intro
0:53 – What this Tech Talk will cover
1:44 – Learn Kubernetes – free eBook!
1:57 – What are Day 2 Operations?
4:53 – What are k0smotron and Cluster API?
9:32 – How k0smotron and Cluster API help with Day 2 Ops
14:40 – What our Live Demo will cover
15:35 – Demo – creation of a cluster
30:38 – Demo – Scaling of a cluster
34:14 – Demo – cluster upgrade
42:38 – Demo – brief look into State Store Options
49:49 – Quick Demo recap
52:41 – Get started with k0smotron today
53:33 – A look at our upcoming Christmas Special – Code Challenge
54:01 – Outro

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Publisher: Mirantis
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