Improved Load Speed with WordPress Hosting Optimization. Intelisys VP Andrew Pryfogle Testimonial

Intelisys is both a partner and a customer of Liquid Web, and in this video testimonial, Senior Vice President of Cloud Transformation, Andrew Pryfogle, explains how Liquid Web helped speed up their WordPress site and how other partners can benefit from Liquid Web’s around-the-clock, knowledgeable service.

Over a third of websites globally are built on WordPress. That likely means that at least a third of your customers websites are built on WordPress. Even here at Intelisys our corporate websites are both built on WordPress.

So what? Why should you care about that? Well Liquid Web has the most advanced WordPress hosting practice that I have ever seen. Their tools are better. Their knowledge is deeper. Their people are smarter.

They specialize in optimizing WordPress sites for lightning fast load times. In fact their engineers were able to to improve the performance of our own websites over 500%.Cutting load times in some cases from 30 seconds to less than five seconds.

You’re looking for the best suppliers to do business with and your customers are looking to you for guidance. When it comes to their web hosting needs, especially when it concerns WordPress, this is a no-brainer.

Liquid Web is easy to do business with.

Duration: 2:23
Publisher: Liquid Web
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