INAP’s Network Business Assets Acquired by Unitas Global


INAP’s Network Business assets, including INAP Japan, have been bought by Unitas Global, a Digital Alpha portfolio company. This would increase Unitas Global’s range of network service capabilities that enable hybrid cloud environments.

The merger of these two firms would create a “high-growth next-generation” networking platform focused on simplifying the way customers buy network connectivity.

Grant Kirkwood, CTO at Unitas Global
“This acquisition is the next step to become the market leader redefining an agile hybrid cloud for the enterprise,” said Grant Kirkwood, CTO at Unitas Global.

INAP’s network technologies, such as its patented, intelligent routing software, Managed Internet Route Optimizer (MIRO), combined with Unitas Global’s automated design and pricing platform, Unitas Nexu, together with its global network, Unitas Reach, would create a compelling offer to meet the needs of enterprises modernizing their digital infrastructure.

Furthermore, this acquisition would give Unitas Global access to over a thousand international business clients as well as a global network that serves 18 regions with Performance IP.

“The disruptive nature of Unitas’ networking services strategy that enables hybrid cloud environments has become increasingly self-evident in the market,” said Grant Kirkwood, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Unitas Global. “This acquisition is the next step to become the market leader redefining an agile hybrid cloud for the enterprise.

INAP’s Unitas Reach Offering

INAP will become a strategic client of Unitas Global. INAP will continue to offer high-performance connection services alongside its colocation and cloud options, increasing its offering with Unitas Reach network transformation technologies, including a recent PacketFabric collaboration

“The transaction is a true win-win for everyone involved. Unitas Global will continue to provide the high-quality services that customers enjoy today while investing in new solutions to enable further network transformation tomorrow,” said Mike Sicoli, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at INAP. “We also look forward to partnering with Unitas Global to bring an expanded portfolio of connectivity offerings to our colocation and cloud customers.”