Incapsula Bolsters its Cloud-based DDoS protection With Real-time Event Monitoring

Cloud-based website security & performance provider Incapsula has announced Real Time Event Monitoring, a service with real-time data feeds and reporting capabilities that further bolster DDoS protection for Incapsula customers.

The new feature empowers customers with real-time visibility into security events and server load distribution, for instant mitigation of attacks, as well as optimized website and application delivery.

real-time-event-monitoring-incapsulaReal Time Event Monitoring collects and aggregates large quantities of traffic data from multiple data centers across the globe. This new capability analyzes and classifies traffic in real-time, and re-packages it as a unified stream – all in matter of milliseconds. With this information, customers can make real-time, data-driven decisions about both security events and server load distribution.

Load balancing capabilities

“When dealing with security, every second counts,” said Gur Shatz, Incapsula CEO. “In the case of DDoS attacks, where attackers switch sources and introduce new attack methods on the fly, one minute old data is stale data. In such scenarios the defenders must have a live data stream available to provide an organization’s security team the extra edge it needs to combat even the most agile attackers.”

Outside of security events, Real Time Event Monitoring would also enhance Incapsula’s load balancing capabilities by providing live traffic distribution data to improve server monitoring and load balancing deployment. Using the live stream, Incapsula users can analyze traffic patterns and load distribution, both globally and per server. With this real-time information, the operator can make configuration changes to optimize application delivery and avoid potential bottlenecks and overloading servers.

Co-branding options

Incapsula’s services include advanced bot protection, a cloud-based web application firewall and an extensive DDoS mitigation service coupled with a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and website optimizer. The company was founded in 2009 by a group of industry veterans with strong backgrounds in web application security, online safety and identity theft. Incapsula was spun out and is financially backed by Imperva, a provider of data security solutions.

Earlier this year, at Web Hosting Days 2013, Incapsula announced its new partner Co-Branding options. The partner offering enables web hosting providers, managed security service providers (MSSPs) and website service providers to offer their customers a completely co-branded and customized end-user experience, including: branding of Incapsula’s management portal, emails, notifications, reports, blocking pages and even vanity DNS options.