Incrementally Adopting Istio (Cloud Next '19)

Istio provides a critical set of features for running complex, high-traffic microservices deployments. But what if you wanted to deploy Istio bit by bit and only with a subset of your services so as not to upset the delicate balance of your production deployment?

In this session, we’ll walk through the overall architecture of Istio and the process of rolling out its features in a measured way. Using only a subset of services in a running Kubernetes cluster, we’ll start with observability and gathering telemetry data, then move on to internal and external traffic management, and finally talk about how to secure communication between some of your services.

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Speaker(s): Sandeep Parikh, Tahir Hashmi

Session ID: HYB102
product:Istio; fullname:Sandeep Parikh;

Duration: 43:21
Publisher: Google Cloud
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