India-based RackNap Launches New Product for CSPs, RackNap Express

RackNap, a cloud brokerage platform from India and a business unit of ZNet Technologies, has announced the general availability of RackNap Express. This new product is being launched to help cloud service providers (CSPs), hosting providers and independent software vendors (ISV) drive cloud adoption quickly and efficiently.

The RackNap Express solution includes several new features that would meet basic needs of CSPs including the ability to fulfill Microsoft’s new CSP direct bill requirements by August 31. RackNap Express will be available at no deployment cost.

Features delivered include one-click trials of Microsoft Office 365, upgrading/downgrading Office 365 subscriptions, automated renewal of subscriptions, and an optimized process to migrate customers from one CSP to another.

With RackNap Express, CSPs can choose to sell either some or all Office 365 stock-keeping units (SKUs) with complete automation for billing and provisioning. They can import the SKU listing from the Partner Center Portal, set markup for individual SKUs, sell add-ons, and more. They can also offer Microsoft Azure under the CSP program, in which customers can consume any high-end services, like IoT or AI, and service providers can bill their customers for actual consumption. These Microsoft Azure services are offered on both prepaid and post-paid RackNap billing models (with defined credit limits).

“RackNap Express will enable Microsoft CSPs to sell cloud solutions without worrying about the investment or management of the underlying infrastructure,” said Guruprit Ahuja, CEO, RackNap. “It is a ready-to-use business automation tool and helps CSPs to reduce their operational costs, fast-track customer onboarding, and increase profits. Users can take a trial of RackNap Express for 15 days and then upgrade to the paid plan directly.”

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