India’s SMB Problem, is India’s SMB Opportunity By Shridhar Luthria | ResellerClub CloudBazaar

SMBs that are online – grow their profits twice as fast, employ 5x more employees and and cater to much larger audiences. Yet, only 32% have any sort of online presence. The challenge has been clear for years now. Shridhar Luthria views these challenges through a Web Pro’s lens and focuses on the opportunities that they open up. It’s time for Web Pros to seize the moment and stand out as thought leaders that enable SMBs to build a meaningful online presence.

ResellerClub ( is a known name in the web hosting industry catering to web professionals all across the globe. CloudBazaar ( by ResellerClub is an annual Conference and Trade Show for the Cloud, Domain and the Hosting Industry, catering to techies and newbies in the web world.

Shridhar Luthria headed ResellerClub’s business and business activities and initiatives. He has steered the team since inception and has helped the company grow from a start-up to the world’s most popular platform for domain names.
A strong believer in leading from the front, Shridhar’s hands-on-approach has given him a keen insight into the Web Services industry. An entrepreneur at heart, Shridhar is passionate about marketing strategy & mass media.

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Duration: 39:52
Publisher: ResellerClub
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