INetU Partners with CDN Provider, CloudFlare, for Cloud Security and Content Delivery

inetu managed cloud hostingINetU, a managed cloud hosting provider with global data center presence recently acquired by ViaWest, is updating its security offerings through a partnership with content delivery network (CDN) provider, CloudFlare. By adding CloudFlare security and content delivery capabilities to existing offerings, INetU customers will have greater options when it comes to capabilities like web application firewall (WAF), advanced DDoS protection, CDN and a DNS.

CloudFlare can also be integrated with INetU’s PCI and HIPAA compliance bundles, enhancing those offerings.

“The partnership with CloudFlare is exciting for us and our customers on many levels. Not only are we simplifying these services through a single provider, but the result is a solution that can be more cost-effective for INetU customers,” said Scott Walters, director of security, INetU. “The partnership will make it easier for INetU customers to have a more integrated security solution that is easier to manage, which is critical as cyber attacks continue to be top-of-mind for companies doing business in the cloud.”

CloudFlare supercharges Internet applications with no need to add hardware, install software, or change a line of code. The CloudFlare community would get stronger as it grows: every new application makes the network smarter.

“CloudFlare is focused on helping to build a better web, and is designed to make a great hosting platform, like INetU, even more secure for its customers,” said Maria Karaivanova, head of business development, CloudFlare. “INetU and CloudFlare both care deeply about providing trusted, reliable and easy-to-use solutions to our customers. Working together enables us to make the online experience for our customers, and their visitors, even better.”